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Shanghai Huzheng Industrial Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Huzheng Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huzheng) committed to creating new vitality of materials, a number of senior nanomaterials experts at home and abroad gathered, undertaking and completing dozens of national key projects, has won more than ten high-tech achievements transformation projects in Shanghai, and has won the State Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission many times. Obtained the award of "State High-tech Enterprises" and "State Patent Pilot Units", it has applied for and passed 34 national invention patents, tackled many technical problems, and the products have attracted great attention from the State and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and have been recognized as key new products and national key new products many times.

Brief Introduction

Since 2004, Huzheng has devoted itself to the research and application of new functional nano materials.

The main product of high-end rare functional nano-powder, slurry, masterbatch, film, product technology are served in construction, automotive, textile, electronic information, medical and health care, coatings, engineering plastics, environmental protection and other industries, integrating various technology of nano-powder preparation, slurry dispersion, plastic granulation, untill the biaxial stretch film processing and manufacturing technology. It is one of the few manufacturers who can integrate upstream and downstream industrial chains in China and even in the world. In recent years, the company gradually integrated a number of nano-materials research institutions around the world, gradually creating a highly innovative service platform for many industries to provide core technology and product services, the company will continue to use science and technology and innovation to provide more industries with upgrading services, jointly create high-end industries.


One- stop functional material manufacturer
After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, constantly making key breakthroughs in functional materials technology, and reserves a large number of core technologies. Dozens of functions have been developed, such as heat insulation, infrared ray protection, radiation protection, antisepsis, antistatic, flame retardant and so on. The products are mature in technology and can provide the most suitable product form and solution according to the customer's application and requirements. The products can be powder, paste, masterbatch, coating, film and other forms to meet the all-round needs of customers.

Huzheng has established deep cooperative relations with many industries and international brands at home and abroad, shouldering the social responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection, and also committed to creating a new life of fashion & technology, environmental protection and health.